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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to provide a comfortable environment for building occupants. If optimum comfort and health levels are not maintained, the building will become undesirable and eventually unused. But how are acceptable HVAC levels established, monitored and maintained, especially as building mechanical systems become more complex, with more sophisticated automatic control systems?

Air Movement Services Ltd. remains an independent supplier of testing and balancing services, thereby assuring clients of accurate, professional and impartial rating with no possibility of conflict of interest. We approach every task with a competent, professional manner that is underwritten by a dedication to customer satisfaction and a firm commitment to total service.

Through its many years in a leadership role, Air Movement Services Ltd. has gained the valuable experience, knowledge and human resources necessary to provide effective, independent and reliable environmental testing services.


Air Movement Services Ltd. Est. 1967 / Re-Inc. 1999


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